The Mission

Rule#1 No Models

While we work with models, there is not a single model featured in our work on this site. Its very important for you (the bride) to see how Traina Photography documents real people who are in love, not professionals who are paid. What you see is what you can expect from your photographic experience with us.


We strongly believe in investing in every client who invests in us. As a husband wife team, celebrating ten years in the wedding photography industry, we have learned how to make the most of every opportunity. We take our experience, and use it to teach, coach, and mentor our clients. Everything you need to know to transform your time in front of the camera from awkward to comfortable, confident, and fun.

Another aspect to our experience, is knowing how to be several steps ahead of every situation, to be prepared for it, and capitalize on the moment. A wedding day is filled with variables, the more seasoned your team of professionals, the more apt they will be to handle the circumstances that will transpire around your wedding.


Our style of photography is to create bold & powerful images that honor the depth of our clients character, emotion, & passion for each other. We believe each page of your wedding album should be a unique work of art that documents your life.


Relationship is everything in what we do. We couldn’t accomplish our vision without clients who share that vision with us, who boldly love each other and share it before us. Clients who we love tremendously, who we are honored to call friends, who trust us to go anywhere & try anything. Most importantly our relationship with God, Whom has given us these gifts, and Whom we serve. Who has strengthened us for all things, Who gives us this ministry of serving others, & enables us to love & bless the people we work with beyond ourselves.